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Trashy Terms & Lingo

This may help you if you are calling around checking with other companies.

Roll Off - Open Top - Containers - Box - Construction Box
All of these words are used to describe a dumpster. We try to make it simple!

This word is used to describe size. I need a 15 cubic yhada. Here we say... I need a 15 cubic yard open top dumpster.

Front Loada or Rear Loada
Ok, these 2 words are used when speaking of small dumpsters used commonly by businesses for light trash or garbage. You need a 6 yhada, rear loada or an 8 yhada, front loada! These small dumpsters are 2 different styles. One is picked up from the front and dumped into a frontload truck and the other is picked up still in the front but dumped into the rear of a different kind of truck. This would be a Rear Load or Front Load. Confused yet??? That is why we try to provide so much information. To help our customers understand what they are paying for.

Haul & Tonnage - Haul & Disposal - Pick Up & Dump - Flat Rate
These terms are used to describe different ways to charge you for the same thing. If you hear any of these terms, ask lots of questions so you are clear what you are paying for.

Release - Removal - Pick Up
All could mean the same. We suggest... I'm all done with my dumpster, could you come and take it outa here.

Swap - Swap Out - Pick Up - Exchange
All mean I need another! We suggest... I have filled the dumpster I have here and I need another empty one.

Install - Delivery - What are we installing???
This one is easy... I need a dumpster delivery is what we recommend.

We at The Dumpster Depot® hope you found our web site both informative and fun

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