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How can we help? Are you tired of waiting for service? Wait no more... The Dumpster Depot® stocks a variety of different size top dumpsters in inventory waiting to serve you. Whether you need a dumpster delivered right away for an emergency project or you want to schedule a swap out or have a new dumpster delivered for your next project, we can help. Superior service is what we are all about. The Dumpster Depot® will also work to maintain your relationship with your customers by suggesting proper dumpster placement and property protection such as driveways and lawns.

15, 20 & 30 cubic yard dumpsters for your next project are readily available. Special pricing for stump or aggregate dumpsters. Express programs will save you money. Short and long term rates for small and large projects. Whole house demolition projects are a specialty of ours. We'll coordinate jobs like this with multiple dumpsters on site and dedicated trucks so that your employees are not held up or waiting for service. Maybe it is the end of your project and you only have a few items left over, call us for a Load & Go Service - great for a small amount or couple of items.

Construction Dumpsters - pricing is based on size, weight limit, length of rental and location.

Aggregate & Stump Dumpsters - are priced by size, length of rental and location.

Roofing Dumpsters - are priced based on the amount of weight allowance you need for a specific job along with length of rental. Example: the amount of square and layer is necessary to quote a dumpster for roofing material such as "I have 18 sq. x 2 layers= 36 sq. Once this is determined our client services staff can tell you what it will weigh and what it will cost so you can properly bid your project and eliminate large costly overweight bills.

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