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Truck - Dumpster Rental Company in Manchester, NH
Three Investment Options
No matter what your investment goals are, the Dumpster Depot has a franchise program for you.

Startup. You'll put your skills and experience to work in a business of your own, following our business system as a blueprint for your operations.

Conversion. With your insight into operating a business in this industry, we'll work with you to transform your existing refuse business into a dynamic Dumpster Depot franchise.

Area Development Agreement. You'll be given protected territories in which to offer one, two, or all three service tiers, as each market dictates.
Expert Support
When you join forces with The Dumpster Depot, you'll receive powerful support from an innovative leader.
  • Training
  • Operation Manual
  • Marketing Support
  • Ongoing Service & Support
Get Your New Career Rolling!
We will be interviewing individuals to be considered for Startup, Conversion and Area Development Agreement franchises. Only a limited number of franchises will be awarded in your area, so don't waste any time -pick up the phone and call us today! You'll find our contact information on the back cover of this brochure. We're looking forward to talking with you!
Customer Representatives - Dumpster Rental Company in Manchester, NH
Meeting - Dumpster Rental Company in Manchester, NH
Trash with Panache
The Dumpster Depot is transforming the trash industry with a bold, fresh look and unparalleled service! We've done away with dingy green and brown dumpsters, designed to blend in with buildings and trees. Our high profile trucks and dumpsters are brightly colored, eye-popping orange and shiny clean.

As a Dumpster Depot franchisee, you'll operate an innovative business in a rock solid industry. More than 251 million tons of municipal solid waste is produced in the U.S. That's approximately 4.6 pounds of waste per person per day! The combined annual revenue of the private waste management industry is $50 billion. What's more, solid waste is a steady and generally recession-resistant industry. And we're setting this industry on its ear!
Sparkling Business System
The Dumpster Depot franchise was developed by two gentlemen with extensive backgrounds in the waste hauling industry. Throughout our years of operation, we've refined and expanded our system into a finely-tuned, well-run machine.
The Dumpster Depot Brand
As the owner of a Dumpster Depot franchise, you'll have the advantage of representing a clearly defined, well-established brand. Our company name, The Dumpster Depot, is catchy, memorable and tells you what we do. The dumpster Depot's polished image is evidenced by our clean, bright orange dumpsters and trucks which reflect our high standards. Just because we're in the trash business is no reason to look shabby!
Dumpster Truck - Dumpster Rental Company in Manchester, NH
Garbage Disposal - Dumpster Rental Company in Manchester, NH
Three Divisions
The Dumpster Depot franchise is comprised of three service tiers, each serving specific customer bases and needs. In building your franchise, you're free to select from one, two, or all three. A standard scenario will be to begin with the first service tier and add more, as you become established.
Temporary Dumpster Rentals
Typically, a startup franchise will begin with this division. Temporary dumpsters may be rented at daily, weekly or monthly rates, with convenient payment options available.

Weekly Residential Trash Pick-up
Unlike typical garbage trucks, your Dumpster Depot hauler is clean white and orange with clear lettering and an attractive design.
Depot Truck - Dumpster Rental Company in Manchester, NH
Commercial/Industrial Services
Construction and Roofing Contractors
Dumpsters are available in 15, 20 and 30 cubic yards, with special pricing for metal, stump or aggregated dumpsters. Your professional service to this client segment includes short and long term rates for small and large projects.
Small Business
To serve this market, you'll carry an inventory of smaller, enclosed dumpster and provide customized service plans to meet each client's specific need.

Large Business Services
Working with this customer, you'll evaluate their waste stream to implement a custom-designed program that will reduce their disposal costs and maximize equipment use.
Flexible Options
You'll provide your customers with other choices such as: Load & Go service, Express Two-Day rental and one-time bulk item pick-up.
Extraordinary Customer Service
Superb customer service is an integral part of The Dumpster Depot business system. Your location will have a call center where customers phoning in can speak to a knowledgeable representative.

National Accounts
Our impressive brand, customer-friendly operations and array of services have earned us the loyalty of several major national account brokers.
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